We saw the writing on the wall as we felt this magical fantasy

Another travelling day. Another fantasy. Or is it real?

20160110_181521 (2)

Got up early with a little help from our friend the rooster. Everything was already packed so we just grabbed a cup of coffee on our way to the airport. After a breakfast we lifted from the soil of Barbados 8.45.

20160111_072705 (2)

Then we had a stopover on Antigua and we soon realized that we had to once again go through the whole procedure again, the one we went trough on our way to Grenada wich means:

…getting off of the plane, go to the transferdesk to get a new boardingcard, go through security control even though we hadn’t passed outside any customs lines, had to empty all our pockets and take off our shoes and hat and once again had to be scanned all over our bodies despite the fact that we recently got off an aircraft, then checking in again by showing our passports and bordingcards and ESTAs several times on our way…AND all this just to end up entering the very same aircraft we had come in on and the very same seats we had before we got off… It was soooo ridiculous. It seems that the only reasons for doing this is to get some better unemployments rates.

20160111_123018 (2)

When we arrived at the hotel Intercontinental, the staffs courtesy was boundless. They opened doors, transported our luggage to our room and every single member of the staff greeted us and wish us a great visit and ”have a great day”. After that we went across the street to Burger King for a meal.

And what a room! What a fantastic pool area and the hotel sits right on the beach. We were upgraded once again to clublevel (we have collected ”bonuspoints” via Hotel.com) this meant direct access to the pool through our porch and free ”coctailhour” 🍸 where we could get drinks, wines and a whole collection of snacks.

Couldn’t be a more perfect last night on this magical fantasy journey.

Why can’t this last forever

Fishingtime folks! Yes today Älsklingen and I are going out fishing, some really big game fishing. Sadly we couldn’t have our breakfast this morning because Ralpies wife came and picked us up by 6.45 am. Anyway, well onboard on the Billfisher III the skipper explained what would happen and also made us some coffee with snacks. Rickardo was his fellow handyman and would help with anything.

DSC_4532 (2)

Shortly after we left the port, we got our first bite. I was in the fightingchair ready for action, and Rickardo handed me the rod. For a while there was the magic feeling of something quite big fighting at the end of the line. This time the fish ended up with victory.

But both I and Älsklingen were soon to become concurers of the ocean. We had a great time fighting those fish and finally came back with 2 wahoos and 2 bonitos. I even wounded my thumb on my right hand when I was trying to deal with one of the wahoos and Älsklingen had to save me once again…. It’s a hard life out there.

DSC_4607 (2)

DSC_4610 (2)

Back at the hotel at 1.30 pm and Älsklingen went for a little nap. After the rest we went back to the restaurant Tapas once again and this time i went for the Lambracks and Theresa had Pork tenderloin medallion. And what a view from the resturant…

20160110_181923 (2)

Oh I almost forgot to mention, at last I saw the sun drop into the ocean ☺

DSC_4667 (2)

The future is all that matters

The rooster who woke me up every morning at Mariott.

DSC_4631 (2)

After we had breakfast we went for a long walk. At first we planned on running on the boardwalk but we were too lazy. We first stopped at the mall nearby and bought some water. Then we headed to the far end of the boardwalk and the beach, it was crowded and there were really huge waves over there. But we decided to head back to our ”homebeach” for a good cooling swim.


On the way back we went and booked a table at a restaurant called Tapas and also stopped for some beers and a Long island icetea. Well back at the hotel we sunbathed a while (more correct I sunbathed and Älsklingen layed i the shade). In the evening we went to the restaurant.

I went ahead to see if I would be able to captur the sunset with my camera, but I didn’t succeed this time either. Once again the sun hid behind some clouds. One chance left to watch the sun drop into the ocean in clear sight.

DSC_4498 (2)

At the restaurant we had one of this journeys absolute topmeals. We had 6 different tapas, shrimps, octopuss, garlic potatos, meatballs, ox-tung and chicken samoosas. We also had an extraordinary absolutely fantastic wine, Campo Veijo Gran Reserva 2003. It was quite expensive, but worth every penny I can promise you ☺


Live slow – life passes so quickly anyway!

We are trying hard, real hard, to slow down. And this day we succeeded at last i think. We hardly didn’t do anything at all. We woke up at nine and had a long and really tastefull breakfast.

20160110_192037 (2)

After that we just relaxed, wrote on the blog and chilled by the pool. We then decided to go to Oistens, a fish and trading market a couple of miles from where we stayed at Mariott.

20160109_125514 (2)


And we took the bus again. Really! And this time…wow…you guys should have seen us! No one who never ever been in a minivan made for like 9 persons and then add at least 9 more… could reasonably understand what i’m talking about. I, with a weight +200 lb and 6 feet 4, litterally layed over some people and squashed the poor women who sat opposite me. And Älsklingen sat beside me and we were basically jammed in and stuck! I mean really really STUCK! And then came the cramps…. do I need to tell you more… We bearly managed to survive, but we did obviosly…

Well at the marketplace we strolled among the vendors stalls, but to be honest, there wasn’t much to see. We had some food, shrimps and red snapper, and then we went home. With the bus. With me in the very front seat. For now and for ever…

I love these busrides☺

20160109_133856 (2)




We woke up again to a new and sunny day here in Carebbean. How time flies … now it’s just a few days left of our amazing adventure. You never want it to end and the brutal winter at home, we have not any desire at all to go home. Oh no, no no no!

20160107_091158 (2)

We went downstairs and ate our well-earned breakfast we fought for. We then went up and talked on Skype and then we made ourselves ready for us to go on a little shopping trip, but we felt a little bit unsure which direction to choose.

We went out of the hotel and started to go the other way we passed and arrived at a bus stop. On no, not again!

DSC_4341 (2)

Älsklingen came that we go by bus into town … Said and done, a bus stopped – or rather a kind of minibus – and out jumped a guy and asked us to step into. I was going where? The so-called bus was completely packed with people but he insisted and told us once again to jump in, ”you can fit” so Theresa first, and I was right behind of her. How we got to fit I did not understand, but we arrived at Bridgetown eventually.

Once in town we strolled around and walked down to the harbor to check out all the fishing boats docked there. We got hold of the skipper of Billfischer III and decided with him that we charters he and his boat and will go out on Sunday at 8 am for a fishingtour that will last 6 hours.

DSC_4345 (2)

Then we went up to the shopping street and went into a huge department store that had the duty free shop, where we bought some stuff. At the top was a few restaurants so we took a break and had some dinner. We went shopping and got hold of fairly cheap beer and rum and a little snack that we can have the room back at our hotel. Also we bought the coke and where a little surprised because it was cheaper than at home. A half-liter bottle cost 2 Barbados dollars, corresponding to approximately SEK 8. Otherwise it is quite expensive here. We stopped at an outdoor cafe and took a beer, a bottle of 257 ml costing 6 Barbados dollars …!


Theresa also went on an adidas shop and bought running shorts … we were supposed to run again tomorrow but we have to wait and see… we are on a vacations you see :-). We repeated the procedure with the bus ride back to the hotel. They run like they have stolen the buses despite that the clock had had time to be shortly before 5 before we were at the hotel again. We switched on, packed some goodies and headed down to the beach. We sat there and waited for sunset. One can only say that the sunsets are a little magic here in the Caribbean, there were a lot of people on the beach watched the spectacle.

DSC_4433 (2)

When we got back to the hotel so we went for a swim in the pool in the pouring rain (!) The rain that fell was colder than the pool … We showered and changed and went to a nearby pizzeria. We had some really good pizzas, rounded off with ice cream late home and sandman rocked us to sleep.

How about some breakfast ?

There was a relative early ascent this morning. That was a bit so-so with sleep this night. Theresa woke up in the middle of the night and thought she saw someone standing by my bed and woke me up. Another time also in the middle of the night, she was on the toilet screamed that it was the world’s largest cockroach in the sink. I was very glad that I did not see it, I hate cockroaches in the bathroom. We packed up our things and made coffee and ate avocados while we watched a huge storm pulling over. Lucky for us, because I had not wanted to fly through it!

The taxi came and picked us up at 9 am and we drove past the yacht club that paid the hotel. We also took out the money. We had forgotten that we have to pay money in cash to get out of the country …


Once at the airport, they went through all our luggage when we checked in but we must not go in and sit in the waiting room, instead we could roam a bit how that preferably. And believe it or not, David came and wanted to say goodbye to us and at the same time gave the recipe for the good chicken sauce to Teresa. He drove us additionally so we could buy water. This David – a genuinely kind and fantastic man and we for sure will miss him a lot…

Well, we eventually came away with a small plane, it was quite fun to fly with it when you could see through the windows in the cockpit. We made a stopover on Bequia then on to Barbados and as usual we were a little late when we landed.


DSC_4335 (2)

When we would go through customs so we got stuck with Theresa’s hat because it turned out that it was made of grass so they have to check to see if we were alowed to bring it into Barbados. Now Älskingen got fed up and thought they fucked with us.


We took a taxi to the hotel and checked in at the Mariott. But once there someone told us there was only included breakfast for one (!!!) person. We insisted that we had ordered breakfast for 2 persons and thats part of our payment, for why should we only order breakfast for a ??? It was a tedious and drawn out conversation so finally went to our room. When we have rested ourselves for a little while, we went back to continue the now completely absurd discussion, we kept arguing for hours on the damn breakfast and in the end they gave up … and thanked that we had identified a problem they had with that issue, it did not conform to Hotel.com … REALLY ??? But how about making some money hey? Hotelbreakfast here is so damn sick expensive, they go to $ 20-30 per person and breakfast consists of little eggs, bacon, juice and coffee …like…!

After that we feel as usual a little hungry so we went down to KFC we were eager to get some hotwings.


After we had eaten, we took a walk on the Boardwalk, it was quite pleasant to walk along the ocean. We spent the rest of the day to be on site and writing the blog, pack up some things, watch TV, drink a beer or two and order up some food in the room in the form of chicken- and shrimpswraps. Hungry back course …

Tomorrow we’re going to have some breakfast…

Just another ordinary day

DSC_4272 (2)

We slept great last night and when we woke up we made ourselves ready and went into Cliffton to have some breakfast. We ate scrambled eggs with bacon, toast and coffee and jucie at Citi. We bought with us an avocado and bananas, water and coca cola and went home to St. Joseph. We chilled most of the day and I went for a walk down to the sea. I photographed a few turtles that were eating up the lawn in the hotel where we were staying.

DSC_4295 (2)

DSC_4324 (2)

Before it got dark we went back to Clifton and visited a store and we bought some stuff that we wanted to commemorate the Uninon. We went to barracuda and ate dinner there it was a lot more people now than the last time we were there. The owner, a italenare, seemed more than a little confused. We met again the hotelier to St. Joseph (fourth time this trip!). He sat up on the porch in a tapas bar and asked if we liked our stay. On the way home we met Coco so we stopped and talked to him.

It’s rocking

We did not sleep much that night, it rained and the wind blew, it was quiet for a while and then it start all over again. There were many unfamiliar sounds, it squeaked and pattered and so on… At the same time it’s a bit hard to forget what had just taken place here …

But morning came and Ferthy served coffee, bread and fresh tuna salad for breakfast and also a fruit, among other things oranges which we had not had on the whole trip. They grow only in St. Vincent and during certain periods.

DSC_4266 (2)


We made us ready to snorkel and Ferthy drove us ashore. It was very windy and the waves were high we couldn’t reach the best places. But what the heck, it was certainly fun to swim in a race with the turtles …

Coco and Ferthys son came to visit and drove us out to the sailboat. They wanted to see that all was well and Coco said to Ferthy ”take good care of my people!”. (We didn’t tell them what had taken place the previous night.) Once aboard again we had a delicious chicken with rice and fruit for dessert. We had already (!) decided to go back to Union this afternoon and so it had to be. No more sailing with this skipper ..

DSC_4261 (2)

DSC_4271 (2)

(Can you see the turtle?)

Once back on shore, David came and picked us up and dropped us off at St. Joseph where we had decided to sleep the last two nights on Union. We told David, what we had been through and Ferthy (that coward) had spoken to him earlier that morning but had not mentioned what had happened, and instead told him that all was well … We went into Clifton after we showered and ate pizza, went home and fell asleep right quick … even though it felt as if the whole bed were  rocking 🙂

…and hell is a lot closer in a motorboat or sail-yacht on the high seas…

We were first meant to sail to the Tobago Cays in the morning, but because the captain had another booking we had to wait until 04:00 pm. We got to keep our room and were given lunch, so it was no trouble for us. We still hadn’t decided how many days we would be out on the sea.

Time to go, David drove us to the port. David said we could leave a large part of our baggage at his hotel and also we could borrowed snorkeling gear and beach towels of him. We said goodbye to David and jumped in a small dinghy that would take us out to The Grey Goose as the sailboat was called. They met us Captain Ferdinand welcomed on board and showed us our berth – the sleeping and we were able to stow our luggage.

20160103_160450 (1)

It was somehow a powerful experience to sail out to sea with these huge waves. Sometimes when you looked at something elsewhere saw just how a wall of raging water coming toward sailboat on something seemingly staggering under managed float above … We came to Tobago Cays at dusk and dropped anchor.

On arrival into the Cays Captain Ferdinand or Ferty as his friends call him, gave us quick instructions on how to help him reel in the sail he had opened earlier, as well as hold the helm steady while he ran to the fore of the yacht to loosen the ropes and then drop the anchor for mooring. We had been under the impression from David that there would be one or two other hands-on-board the yacht together with Captain Ferdinand and at the beginning of the trip when we asked about the other helpers, he informed us quite casually that he usually sailed alone and didn’t need any helpers. Neither Håkan or i have sailed or been on such a large sail yacht before, so we nervously followed his instructions and quite soon The Grey Goose was docked. He also informed us he would be preparing all our meals. We felt quite relaxed. The journey over to the Cays was a little rough but nothing The Grey Goose couldn’t handle. Ferty rinsed the salt water off the deck of the yacht then we took showers on deck and changed out of our wet clothes (and if anyone is wondering….we showered in our swim-wear) 🙂

DSC_4258 (2)

The evening was turning out to be really pleasant. After a nice simple meal of omelettes, toast and fruit, Ferty took us to shore so that we could see how the locals from Union Island had set-up small barbeques where they offered grilled fresh Lobsters to the many sailing tourists. It was a little over 10:00 pm and most of the 20 stalls were closing for the evening. We walked around and of-course Ferty knew most of the vendors. It is prohibited to sleep on the Islands in the Tobago Cays, strict rules were set up 10 years ago for the protection and conservation of the Marine park in the Cays. These rules restrict fishing, littering, camping or sleeping on the islands. Sleeping in the Marine Park on a sea vessle is however allowed at the cost of 10 Caribbean $ per person\night. Which for the locals it too expensive so this means that they close shop every night when all their dinning guests have left, pack everything onto small fishing motor boats and travel all the way back to union island in the dark on the high seas. Its just over 10 km from Union. Then every morning early, they return again with their kitchens and fresh bread and pastries and once again set up shop for the new day. What a life! 🙁

We took the dinghy back to The Grey Goose and sat on deck for a while talking to Ferty. We noticed that the people on the yacht behind The Grey Goose where out with torches checking. We didn’t think much of it but it started to get windy then it started to rain so Håkan and i decided to go to bed….

DSC_4247 (2)

We had just gone down to our sleeping loft when we heard Ferty talking to people out on the deck. Håkan went up to see what was going on then he started shouting for me to come out with a torch. As i came up on deck, i realised that something definately was wrong. The sail yacht behind ours seemed frightingly too close and before i knew it complete turmoil broke out around us. Someone was screaming for a knife to cut loose the dinghy. The yacht behind us was now right into us, people were screaming and poor Håkan was trying to push us away from the yacht behind ours as Ferty was cutting the rope to his dinghy since the dinghy was now hanging from the other boats anchor line. Someone was screaming why The Grey Goose didn’t have any fenders out. I pulled up the stairs from the side of The Grey Goose to try to minimise the damage to the other yacht since our little Captain hadn’t pulled the ladder up or laid out any fenders. Everything was happening so fast, It was like having a very bad dream. As soon as the line to the dinghy was cut, Ferty and Håkan managed to push The Grey Goose away from the yacht it had crashed into and then Ferty starts shouting that he has to go find his dinghy before it gets blown further out to sea. The Grey Goose  is now still not securely anchored and secured to a mooring buoy, like all the other yachts had been because of the strong winds. Without even listening to our protests Ferty now jumps into the dark sea swimming after his damn dinghy! Håkan and i just sat there looking at each other. Did i mention that none of us had any experience or knowledge of a sailing yacht? Well now all we could do was pray and hope for the best, it also started dawning on us that we were Captain Ferty’s little helpers and we had no idea what we should do next….. Luckily The Grey Goose was pushed far away from the yacht it had crashed into but closer to another vessel. We actually tried shouting  for help but because of the wind, no one on the other yachts heard or came out. After like about 20 minutes of waiting and praying that the anchor wouldn’t move again and that Ferty hadn’t drown and help would come. In the dark we see a light from a dinghy coming towards us….. towing another dinghy. Yes, it was our brave little Captain or should i say Skipper. He had managed to wake up two guys, whom he had lied to in order to get them to leave their yacht and help him look for his dinghy in the storm in the dark rough waters. Yepp… He had told them that there was someone in the dinghy drifting out into open waters, this to get them to help him :-(. But imagine our astonishment when the guys in the dinghy with Ferty came along the side of our yacht and we hear them speaking SWEDISH! They were even more surprised when I started speaking to them in Swedish. They were really great these two guys, we explained what had happened (The true version not Ferty’s ridiculous version) and they were just laughing after having heard Ferty’s version, but nonetheless they were happy to have been of help. We helped Ferty get his yacht secured to a mooring buoy but I can tell you that night neither Håkan or i got any sleep. We were too afraid!


Heaven is a little closer in a home by the beach

Can’t believe this is our last full day here at DBH. Tomorrow we checkout. 🙁

Our day started fairly early, Håkan managed to get me out of bed for a morning hike and jogg before breakfast.

DSC_4003 (2)

The scenery on Union Island is absolutely breathtaking!

DSC_4007 (2)

After several days of trying to capture a photo of a hummingbird, Håkans chance finally came this morning and we were able to watch two hummingbirds  working away on the nectar of these flowers which were in full bloom.

DSC_4107 (2)

We jogged back to the hotel completely exhausted! Talk about being out of shape…my body was in pain!! After breakfast, a shower we laid on the beach enjoying our last day. Lovely Grace came out with some refreshments…… Mojitos.

DSC_4205 (2)

Since it was our last evening we were treated to a wonderful dinner on the beach. David outdid himself once again with a delicious three course dinner comprising of Chicken wings on a bed of salad followed by Spicy Lambis with rice and mashed potatoe and ended with a chocolate cake dessert.

DSC_4235 (2)