The day after before

Massages are a part of the package at Davids. Which is great but somehow in the beginning I was feeling uncomfortable with that. But it all soon changed…

Oh those hands… they gave such a wonderful massage I didn’t think it was possibly. I was in heaven for a short while.

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DSC_3979 (2)

Besides that we we’re just hanging around on the beach relaxing i little bit… it’s so grueling out here in the Caribbean you know… 🙂

And for dinner we have Davids outstanding Red Snapper.

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Happy new year

The very last day of 2015. Finally. Though there is no point in looking back, it’s better to look ahead, to the future. For that is where we will live the rest of our lives. Future next … to 2016!

But 2015 ended anyway good! After the usual breakfast chores and a dull morning at the beach Coco came and took us by boat for a ride to Chatham bay.

DSCN0560 (2)

After a somewhat reckless driving and very wet ride over giant waves, we came to a wonderful beach. Grace had prepared lunch with amazingly good freshly baked baguettes, water, drinks and beer in a cooler.

I snorkeled and it was a fantastic experience. So much fish I have never ever seen before … not even in the Kaitum …

After new years dinner we we’re trying to stay alife… we wanted to go to Clifton to celebrate the new year and watch some fireworks… and no…as time goes by we fell asleep satisfied and with a happy smile in ours faces.



Not much happened on this day. We got a massage, I snorkeled a bit and we went for a 15 minute walk into the town, Clifton. We went to the ATM to redraw some cash, you need cash here… it is not always possible to pay by card or else you will be charge. Theresa bought himself a hat too. The idea was also that we would meet a man who would show us his boat we were suppose to sail, but he never showed up so it may be a another time. Maybe Carebbean time?

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This feeling inside me could never deny me

It is one thing that can be difficult to deal with when traveling as we do now – namely, the countless meetings with people you certainly will never meet again. All of these very nice and extremely friendly locals and even other people as tourists we met at the hotel, the airport and ferries. With meetings that will inevitably missing. Life is too short …

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We decided to be a little brisk this morning so we went out on a long walk / jogging which took about an hour – but it was pretty sweaty in the heat. As soon as the sun goes up, so does the mercury level rise over +30 degrees.

We had a delicious breakfast consisting of various kinds of fruits such as mango, pineapple, and various types of melon. Followed by a variety of juices, eggs, bacon and ofcourse freshly baked bread with different kinds of toppings. It also went down a little Kellogs K-specialty with milk and of course lots of Caribbean coffee. All served at the table…

Then we relaxed in the shade and soon came Coco who will take us by a speedboat to the Happy Island. It is an island that Jay P built of seashells, and then he set up a bar there. Surely one of the coolest places we have ever been on.

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I do likes mondays

It is said that there are different degrees of hell – I do not know if it’s true? But I know at +30 degrees Celsius, the snow melts away. I also know that at the same temperature, the coffee does not taste as good anymore and a Guinness at those grades is basically undrinkable. When a person’s body temperature reaches 30 degrees, it is not so good – unconsciousness occurs at the same time, and it is doubtful if the laundry going to be clean at 30. But I finally have understand when it is 30 degrees into the air and in the water, it is most pleasent to live. I strongly suspect that it was in that conditions people were meant to live for …

DSCN0592 (2)

Besides that we were hanging in the shade and ate lots of food and one on another pina colada, so ventured ourselves to a short walk around the corner. It was Monday here at Davids Beach Hotel, three days before the end of the year … and I am so happy to be alive 🙂

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How wonderful life is while you’re in the world

Each new day seems like an exciting new adventure. Not as it’s at home at times – it’s enough to wake up for the whole day to be ruined!

DSCN0503 (2)

This day we ate as usual breakfast on the veranda at the French House and then packed our stuff. We walked down to the beach house and had the personnel retrieve our luggage. After we were checking out and taken leave of Nicolle and the others we went into Port Elizabeth with Gideon taxi. We spent the afternoon blah lunch at Jack’s which was at the princess Margreths beach. Theresa had heard about their famous tuna salad while I took a hamburger.

DSCN0517 (2)

Unfortunately came tuna salad to eventually end up in a black plastic bag on board Jaden Sun. We had a really tough ferry ride to Union Island and the poor älskling not feeling so on good …

DSCN0520 (2)

(By the way…that’s not Jack’s…)

Once upon solid ground, David met us with water and cold towels, and after a short drive we were able to check in at David’s Beach Hotel. We ended the day with a superb 3 course dinner and went to sleep comfortable in too early as usual!

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If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall

So it would not play any role at all. Not today and not tomorrow. Not at all. When you get to experience something like what we are experiencing now affected it and can feel a completely immersive humility. We have to seize the moment, to live in the moment and to love life and each other. Almost amazed how friendly the people are here. And it must be something in the air you breathe or the water or anything, for that infects so everyone is friendly here and it is just so. All at the carebbean pace …. Why can’t it be like this everywhere?

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DSC_3918 (2)

Today the weather was a little bit stormy and we did have quite a bit of rain. But it didn’t matter to us because we just simple relax up at the French House and waiting for the evening to came.

Sugar Reef would be celebrating its third anniversary so there’sa party with buffet and live music. The food that was served was as usual delicious, and the band that played was amazing. And the view … 10 meters from the sea and the fabulously beautiful beach house with its very tasteful decoration.

DSC_3922 (2)

DSC_3924 (2)

We have really enjoy our stay here at Sugar reef.  As usual, we will miss the place and all the nice people we met and not least the nice staff with Nicolle in the forefront.

Tomorrow is travelday… heading for Union Island. ..

Merry Christmas!

We woke up this morning to the sound of birds chirping, would never believe the storm we had last night! And the least we could say is that our Mistress cottage is watertight  🙂

DSC_3798 (2)

Breakfast on the balcony together with the other english and american guests. The greetings this morning……Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas everyone.

DSC_3826 (2)

We decided to take our hosts advice here in the French House and visit Princess Margaret Beach instead as its less windy over on that end of the island. 11:30 am we called Gideons open-air taxi and his son drove us along the narrow winding roads over to Princess Margaret Beach. We arranged for him to pick us up again at 03:00 pm. The beach was filled with turists and the sea was filled with docked sail boats and Catamarans. There were at least 4 sailboats and Catamarans with the Swedish flag.

DSC_3789 (2)

There is also a restaurant and bar right on the beach called Jacks which apparently has great food but it was so packed with people and our driver would soon pick us up so we didn’t against going in and instead had a rum punch from a vendor on the beach who turned out to be Gideons cousin!

We went down to  the Beach house for Christmas dinner which was a four course meal. Mingle at the bar and had delicious Mojitos.

DSC_3836 (2)

The Christmas dinner started with a Beetroot Tartare with goat cheese followed by Pumpkin Soup and then we had Lobster on a bed of roasted vegetables and ended off with a Black cake served with ice-cream.

DSC_3827 (2)

A great evening! We shed a shuttle taxi back to the French House  together with an english couple.

Sitting on the dock of the bay

Woke eventually up after a rather poor night’s sleep. Christmas morning this year of grace 2015. It is a bit hard to grasp it all already Christmas Eve anyway. Soon, the Donald Duck home on the TV and expectations screwed slowly up among both children and adults. The children are waiting impatient that the last remnants should succumbed to so that it will finally be time to furiously tear up one Christmas gift after another. The adults’ facial features tend to be tightened more and more as the kid’s zeal and livelihood of Christmas gift distribution. Everything will be very soon culminate in a crescendo out of either joy or – which may be more prevalent – disappointment.

But we do not care this year of grace, no no not at all!

For us it’s more about this Christmas getting along with ”Mistress cottage” and this particular mistress peculiarities. So far it is so-so…

We took a walk down to the beach and lay about and hang around or a long while, and also swam in the sea. But after a while it became too windy so a few hours was enough and we went back up to the French House. We drank coffee and talked and let ourselves be seduced by the spectacular view from the porch.

DSC_3758 (2)


We had booked a table in the beach house for 7 pm and got ready for Christmas Eve dinner. We first thought for a moment that we would miss the traditional Christmas ham … but by halfway into the meal it was already forgotten. Oh my god what delicious food !!! We ate lobster and dessert and shared a white Spaniards and soon slid into the ultimate food coma and not even a strong espresso could take us out of our state.

This year of grace 2015, when we did not miss Christmas at home …

From all of us to all of you:

We wish you a very Merry Christmas

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Christmas in Robinson Crusoes cabin

Yesterday we left the luxurious resort of Buccament Bay Resort with a taxi which took us once again through the bustling town of Kingston to the harbour where we would take the ferry Bequia Express to Port Elisabeth. Not only did our taxidriver drive us to the harbour he even drove us on to the pier and reversed into the loading berth of the ferry with us and our luggage!!! Håkan and i just sat in the backseat amazed by all this! As usual the ferry was on Caribbean time so instead of leaving Kingston at 01:00 pm we left at 01:50 pm.


On arrival in Port Elisabeth we were met by Gideon who came on board and helped take us through the crowded lower deck of the ferry where our luggage had been stowed. Thank you Gideon and little Orion!

We rode in the back of Gideons open taxi together with his shy little helper Orion.

On arrival at Sugar Reef Bequia, we were greeted by a host Judith and a welcome drink as well as information about the resort. We were told that our cottage was situated up on the hill in their French House which was 500 meters from the main building which is called the Beach House. A shuttle taxi would transport us up and would be available to us from 10:00 am in the morning until the restaurant in the Beach House closed for the evening. Breakfast would be served up in the French House, lunch and dinner down in the Beach House. All very confusing and new to us since we had not prior information of the arrangement of this establishment.

DSC_3780 (2)

Our ”Cottage” is called the ”Mistress Cottage” and it’s situated at the back of the French House. (The name explains its placing). Mistress Cottage is an open-air cottage which is basically open to the ”Wild life”. I don’t know how many lizards and beatles we are sharing this cottage with but they run constantly in and out the shutter-walls and open windows. Thank god for our mosquito net! I don’t know how we would have been able to survive the next 3 nights without it. It feels like we are living in a modern version of Robinson Crusoes cottage…. But this is part of paradise and a new experience for us. I said to Håkan we are going to have to inspect our luggage on our departure from here.

DSC_3754 (2)

The dinner down at the Beach House was absolutely delicious, Håkan had a spicy Beef with Stir fried vegetables followed by Warm Crumble fruit and Vanilla ice-cream. I had Lobster Rotis followed by the Chefs delicious Key Lime pie. We had an early night since we were so exhausted. We woke up several times during the night because of the raging storm outside, we actually felt the rain blowing in…. Hihihi, we didn’t think the shutters would hold the strong wind 🙂