Tobago Cays

Navigating the waters, we left the anchorage at 9, charting a course around the point towards Sandy Island and Hillsborough. A brief sailby greeted the latter, steering us toward Tobago Cays with Union Island in our wake. Returning felt surreal. After a 4-hour sail, we secured a perfect mooring buoy, relishing tuna and salad for lunch before succumbing to a midday power nap. An hour of snorkeling and photography ensued, capturing the vibrant underwater world.

As twilight blanketed the horizon, we ventured ashore for a feast of grilled lobster. The fourth day unfolded in Tobago Cays, a haven of turquoise bliss. These petite islets, fringed with coral reefs, unveil an aquatic Eden. Snorkeling amongst diverse marine life, the vibrant hues beneath mirrored the Caribbean’s kaleidoscope. Each coral cluster seemed to narrate tales of the sea, while the gentle lapping waves became a soothing symphony. In the evening, the sunset painted the sky in warm hues, a fitting backdrop to our tranquil anchorage in this paradise within paradise.

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