Geting better

Last night when we were at the beach we also went by the farmacia to by something to cure the flu. When we got back home the cure turned out to be a oral solution to our problems, and it’s tasted awful.


Anyhowe it turned out to work and today we feeling a little better. We took off to Binipreu to get a coffe thermos and some food. Theresa bought some paper tissues to wipe our noses, and when we got home we could smell an aroma… haha…


We spent some time at the poolside and then headed off to Casa Andres, a nice resturant we visited last year together whith the children. However we didn’t made a reservation and the place were quite busy so wi’ll have to wait 45 min or so, so we decided to go to another restaurant, Buddas.

The service was ok but that’s all. The foods tasted nothing at all, some pork with chips and tomatos, boring. Even the wine tasted dreadful and we left the place in a hurry.

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