All of me

I’m really starting to like situation. When I’m writing this while I gaze out over a magnificent lush scenery with high mountains and a lake in the foreground. I’ve opened up the doors to the salon, brewed a cup of coffee and listen to the pool’s rotating water and the birds’ attempts to sing up for the day’s exercises. And my baby has not come out of bed yet …

DSC_3545 (2)

Yesterday afternoon our AC stopped working. The temperature rose quickly at a furious pace as Älsklingen called for help. When we had finished eating dinner had some kind soul fixed this issue. Yesterday must have been the warmest night since we came … and it probably meant nearly +30!


Otherwise, the day was quite similar to yesterday, which meant lounging on the beach and eat far too much food so that some rum does not fit … and that’s too bad… something we have to fix…and right now! When does the bar open…anyone??? 😂


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