On the waves

Got up early this morning because we are suppose to travel to St Vincent via Carriacou and Union Island. This includes a stopover at Kings landing hotel, thursday night and the plan is to be at Buccamon beach resort by friday the next evening. If, everything goes our way…

Anyway… a short ride by taxi to the harbour where we boarded the Osprey ferry which would take us to Carriacou. The ferry was suppose to leave at 9 am which was very important to us because we had to be at the Immigration Office at 11 am in Carriacou to declare we would be leaving the country of Grenada. Of course, we were delayed (we were on Caribbean time) and above all the weather changed for the worst. Well let me put is this way…it didn’t actually raining cats and dogs and a wind of 18 knots… rather it started raining lions and elephants and a pervert wind which turned the ocean into a frinzy of really crazy high waves and choppy seas.

But we were happy to meet and talk to some nice fellow travellers on the ship and got some advice on how things worked there in Carriacou and that was really nice to hear. ’Don’t worry… it’s gona be allright… :-)’

Once in Carriacou half an hour late, we got hold of Captain Troy and we went to the immigration office that was next to the harbor. Where we filled in a variety of documents and then it was just to wait and see …


Let me tell you this…there are many ways to travel and there is even more ”things” to travel on… and what an impressive vessel we would soon be travelling on! – Lady JJ….. And considering the weather …


But we arrived at last, and we were upgraded at the hotel so we got our very own cottage by the sea. Later that evening we had dinner at the restaurant Barracuda where we shared an Italian wine and ate one of the best dishes ever.

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