Taken the highroad – not the highway!

09:00 am on the dot and Lollipop, our guide\ taxi for the day, was on time to pick us up at our hotel and show us Grenada (aka The Island of Spices) well as much of it as he could. We had to renew our days since we now had decided to stay longer then expected in Grenada, so Lollipop took us first to the Immigration Office where a very pleasant Immigration Officer informed us that our tourist visas were valid for 3 months!! Nice…… : )

Next stopp was the market square in St. Georges, Lollipop dropped us off for an hour so we could wander around and see the market place with all the spices. +29 deg. Cel. Humid and lost we wandered around the semi-crowded market square trying to see all the stalls but avoiding all the eager vendors desperately trying to attract our attention. One vendor however was more persistent then the others and extremely charming. We bought spices from her and she had loads of stories and advice to give. Imagine our dismay when she told us her name was  also Theresa! A lovely little person 🙂

DSC_3359 (2)

We continued on our trip around Grenada and got to see all 7 Communities. One thing both Håkan and I were happy about was the fact that we didn’t have to drive our selves.

Did I mention that traffic in Grenada drive on the left; the majority of vehicles are right-hand driven. Grenada’s roads are paved and unpaved, and are mostly narrow and winding, with many blind corners, narrow and steep drops into ravines. There are few sidewalks, so people walk along these roads and cars vie with pedestrians for road space…….really dangerous. But I must say one thing…. People of Grenada can really drive!

We got to see the Chocolate factory. The local Rum factory which produces Rum the old fashioned way. River Rum factory still operates with manual labor and machines dating back to 1785.


Next stop was Concord Waterfall. Lovely waterfall, easy access, by the side of the road one or two little shops, not many visitors, we met a man who was willing to jump in for a small tip…… The most interesting was actually the little Mona monkey, who ate from a banana. really sweet!

Beautiful lush gardens with flowers and herbs…

DSC_3388 (2)

Finally back at our hotel in time to watch an amazing sunset.

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