The future is all that matters

The rooster who woke me up every morning at Mariott.

DSC_4631 (2)

After we had breakfast we went for a long walk. At first we planned on running on the boardwalk but we were too lazy. We first stopped at the mall nearby and bought some water. Then we headed to the far end of the boardwalk and the beach, it was crowded and there were really huge waves over there. But we decided to head back to our ”homebeach” for a good cooling swim.


On the way back we went and booked a table at a restaurant called Tapas and also stopped for some beers and a Long island icetea. Well back at the hotel we sunbathed a while (more correct I sunbathed and Älsklingen layed i the shade). In the evening we went to the restaurant.

I went ahead to see if I would be able to captur the sunset with my camera, but I didn’t succeed this time either. Once again the sun hid behind some clouds. One chance left to watch the sun drop into the ocean in clear sight.

DSC_4498 (2)

At the restaurant we had one of this journeys absolute topmeals. We had 6 different tapas, shrimps, octopuss, garlic potatos, meatballs, ox-tung and chicken samoosas. We also had an extraordinary absolutely fantastic wine, Campo Veijo Gran Reserva 2003. It was quite expensive, but worth every penny I can promise you ☺


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