Laundry and avocado

Following a leisurely breakfast, we lingered by the pool, soaking in the sun’s warmth until an abrupt downpour transformed the scene. In the blink of an eye, the rain made way for sunshine, a testament to the unpredictable Caribbean weather. Boarding a bus to retrieve our laundry, we encountered the ebb and flow of passengers, escaping the encroaching crowd by disembarking and concluding our journey on foot.

Note to self: the back of the bus is not the preferred seat. At Waterworld, we secured a map of Carriacou-Bequia for independent navigation. Retrieving our laundry, we revisited the bakery for a delightful repast of sausage rolls and Coke. Opting for a taxi on the return journey due to crowded buses, we indulged in a 20EC ride back.

Dinner comprised a shared, colossal avocado, leaving us satiated and content as we drifted into a well-earned sleep. 🌦️🚎🍽️ #CaribbeanExploration #IslandAdventure