We took a turn on the village mostly to shop for some food and get some exercise. Still virtually nothing open. The two stairs on the way home almost took death on us. We hung by the pool and saw A3 win at home. Unparalleled sunset.

Killer hill

Nice feeling to wake up in the house. Sun but cool winds. We made breakfast and went for a walk, among other things up the killer hill … In the afternoon we sunbathed and lazy by the pool

Lift off

Ricky drove us to the train on friday. There were a lot of peps due to the striking pilots of SAS. After a looong trip with a constantly babbling hag on the phone at the seat just behind us we arrived at Arlanda. We managed to find the transfer shuttle to Collect hotel where we spent the night. We also had a most delicious hamburger at the hotel for dinner. When the evening came I began to feel some sore throat…

Of course… when the morning cames I couldn’t swollow. That’s my vacation… When we arrived at Frankfurt my head started to hurt also. Time for some alvedon and a nap! When i woke up I had some coffe and started to feel better.

It was really bad weather at the time for our depature, plenty of black clouds in the sky. The pilots waited a long while on the runway before take off… and that turned out to be a hell of a rollercoster with the children cheering and laughing and the adults doing something completly different.

We landed in time, got our luggage and headed to the transfer wich would take oss to interrentand our car. And holy crap, it turned out to be a brand new polo!

We did some foodshopping before we headed to Son bou and the villa Romani.

The day after before


Woke up early this morning. Check out from the hotel and walk for breakfast and some shopping and then we headed down home to Son Bou. Älsklingen noticed that she had forgot her iphone at the hotel so there have to be another journey to Ciudadella tomorrow then…


We had a delicious dinner of makaronipudding made by Theresa and then we had a couple of bears at the pool before we went down to the irish pub. We try to make a music quiz and manage to get 12p out of 30 and we thought we did well because the quiz was simple english music.



We decided to go Ciudadella for a two days break. We booked a very charming hotel Cheap & Chic hotel which remanded us of Petit Maó. The hotel was situated right in the center of  the town, perfect for the restaurants and the stores. It was a wonderful stay with the dinner at Amadores at the evening as the highlight of the trip! Grilled lobster with garlic and salad and cheese and icecream for dessert .

DSCN1050 DSCN1089 DSCN1091 DSCN1098 DSCN1083 DSCN1081 DSCN1075 DSCN1066 DSCN1063





We spent almost the whole day at the pool. When the evening came we went to Casa Andres for a great mixed Paella with cava sangria and a most delicious wine made of Tempranillos blancos. Outrageous!

Then we went the the irish pub and asked if they could show us the football match between Sweden and Bulgaria. And guess what ? They could 🙂

DSCN1016 DSCN1024 DSCN1023

It’s all about the toys

Laying on the beach and thinking as life goes by. Thinking about nothing at all and the problems are far far away. Really!

And the discussion between me and älsklingen are turning out to be real simple, the subjects we are dealing with is everyday normal, for example the neighbors which comes and goes… Recently there was a family who came to a villa nearby and soon they came out into the sun at the poolside and began immediately to infiltrate the floating toys and we waited for the kids army to invade the pool. Soon. Any moment now… and…. no kids showed up. No one… not even a single one…

The toys were for themselves!!!

So in the afternoon we went down for pizzas. And by the way. greens meant ok to swim and orange means that the beach is unattended = no lifeguards!