Heaven is a little closer in a home by the beach

Can’t believe this is our last full day here at DBH. Tomorrow we checkout. 🙁

Our day started fairly early, HĂ„kan managed to get me out of bed for a morning hike and jogg before breakfast.

DSC_4003 (2)

The scenery on Union Island is absolutely breathtaking!

DSC_4007 (2)

After several days of trying to capture a photo of a hummingbird, HÄkans chance finally came this morning and we were able to watch two hummingbirds  working away on the nectar of these flowers which were in full bloom.

DSC_4107 (2)

We jogged back to the hotel completely exhausted! Talk about being out of shape…my body was in pain!! After breakfast, a shower we laid on the beach enjoying our last day. Lovely Grace came out with some refreshments…… Mojitos.

DSC_4205 (2)

Since it was our last evening we were treated to a wonderful dinner on the beach. David outdid himself once again with a delicious three course dinner comprising of Chicken wings on a bed of salad followed by Spicy Lambis with rice and mashed potatoe and ended with a chocolate cake dessert.

DSC_4235 (2)

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