We are sailing

Embarking on our sailing course, our quartet – Derek aspiring for Day Skipper, Cindy, and us pursuing Competent Crew – set sail under the guidance of Alex, our instructor. Safety rituals unfolded first, an intricate dance of life vests and emergency protocols. Exiting Port Louis Marina, we immersed in ”Man Overboard” drills, each of us rotating roles. Anchoring in a tranquil cove for lunch, we dived into the dynamics of tacking and gybing, a novice’s ballet with ropes and sails. Returning to the marina for the night, Theresa’s prowess at the helm of the 46-foot Beneteau became evident when she stear againstthe Gran Anse beach.

Wrapping up the day with pasta and wraps at Knives & Fork, we drifted into an early slumber, the sea’s gentle rock echoing in dreams. A day of triumph, where the vast ocean became a canvas for beginners navigating the art of sailing. ⛵🌊 #SailingBeginnings #SeascapeArtistry