Just another ordinary day

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We slept great last night and when we woke up we made ourselves ready and went into Cliffton to have some breakfast. We ate scrambled eggs with bacon, toast and coffee and jucie at Citi. We bought with us an avocado and bananas, water and coca cola and went home to St. Joseph. We chilled most of the day and I went for a walk down to the sea. I photographed a few turtles that were eating up the lawn in the hotel where we were staying.

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Before it got dark we went back to Clifton and visited a store and we bought some stuff that we wanted to commemorate the Uninon. We went to barracuda and ate dinner there it was a lot more people now than the last time we were there. The owner, a italenare, seemed more than a little confused. We met again the hotelier to St. Joseph (fourth time this trip!). He sat up on the porch in a tapas bar and asked if we liked our stay. On the way home we met Coco so we stopped and talked to him.

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