Christmas Eve unfolded with a leisurely breakfast, setting the stage for a day of sun-soaked festivities. Geared up, we headed to BBC Beach, backpack in tow, pausing to inquire about a majestic tree from a local gardener. Unveiling it as a fig tree, he showcased its unconventional use, extracting resin for various purposes. A stop at Spiceland for water preceded a detour to explore a potential hotel, although Radisson still held promise. BBC Beach welcomed us with azure waters and sandy shores.

Indulging in a Christmas feast of Rotis and burgers, we meandered back along the beach. Plans for a gym session took an unexpected turn as I succumbed to sunstroke, necessitating a head-cooling ice session and a much-needed rest. Evening festivities promised a Christmas party, though it manifested more as a high-energy music affair. Christmas on the shores of Grenada, a unique blend of relaxation, exploration, and unexpected twists, resonating with the island’s vibrant spirit.

🏖️🎄🌴 #CaribbeanChristmas