Petite Martinique

This day was Theresa’s turn to navigate our route from Tobago Cays, and the challenge lay in maneuvering through the reef’s narrow opening. Fortunately, her planning proved successful, leading us smoothly to Sandy Bay on Canouan. Navigating towards Chapman Bay required meticulous route planning, steering at approximately 200 degrees. The journey, lasting just over an hour, brought us to a familiar bay where we indulged in snorkeling and swimming before lunch.

Continuing our sail towards Petit Martinique, the uneventful trip led us to anchor at a serene spot. With the boat settled, Alex suggested a hike to the island’s highest point. The ascent proved challenging, requiring makeshift ropes for support. Opting to halt midway, Charlotte and Alex continued to the summit.

After a refreshing shower, we changed for dinner at a charming seaside restaurant, selected by Alex, offering not only a picturesque setting but also delectable cuisine.

The day encapsulated the essence of sailing adventures – a harmonious blend of navigation challenges, natural exploration, and delightful culinary experiences. ⛵🏞️🍽️ #CaribbeanSailing #IslandHikingAdventure