Live slow – life passes so quickly anyway!

We are trying hard, real hard, to slow down. And this day we succeeded at last i think. We hardly didn’t do anything at all. We woke up at nine and had a long and really tastefull breakfast.

20160110_192037 (2)

After that we just relaxed, wrote on the blog and chilled by the pool. We then decided to go to Oistens, a fish and trading market a couple of miles from where we stayed at Mariott.

20160109_125514 (2)


And we took the bus again. Really! And this time…wow…you guys should have seen us! No one who never ever been in a minivan made for like 9 persons and then add at least 9 more… could reasonably understand what i’m talking about. I, with a weight +200 lb and 6 feet 4, litterally layed over some people and squashed the poor women who sat opposite me. And Älsklingen sat beside me and we were basically jammed in and stuck! I mean really really STUCK! And then came the cramps…. do I need to tell you more… We bearly managed to survive, but we did obviosly…

Well at the marketplace we strolled among the vendors stalls, but to be honest, there wasn’t much to see. We had some food, shrimps and red snapper, and then we went home. With the bus. With me in the very front seat. For now and for ever…

I love these busrides☺

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