Lance aux Epines

Yesterday, after much searching, we finally arrived at our Airbnb in Lance aux Epines. The taxi driver’s son borrowed my phone to act as our navigator, but we didn’t quite reach the right location. Fortunately, a kind American helped us carry our luggage to the correct house. We were warmly welcomed by Evelina and promptly collapsed into bed, sleeping for a whopping 13 hours. Feeling somewhat rejuvenated, we took a stroll and had breakfast at the university’s restaurant – the best breakfast so far, accompanied by a spectacular view of Prickly Bay.

After a satisfying meal, we contemplated grocery shopping, and a passerby, Griffin, a retired police officer who now delivered eggs for his wife’s business, offered us a lift. We stopped at Ram, a newly opened supermarket, and stocked up on essentials. The cost of living here is certainly not cheap – a small package of cereal costs 80 SEK, and eggs are 5.50 SEK each.

We took a taxi back, catching a few more hours of sleep. The place has a pool, so we lounged there for a while, and Evelina took care of our laundry. 🌴🍳🛒 #GrenadaAdventures #IslandLiving.