Early the next morning, we set sail towards Tobago Cays, with a gentle breeze of around 12 knots, extending the journey to over four hours. On arrival, a cluster of boats had already claimed their spots. Following Alex’s lead, we navigated through the channel, anchoring first before Alex dove into the water to retrieve an old mooring line submerged beneath.

After a leisurely lunch, we decided to explore the island in search of iguanas. Equipped with our sneakers, we ascended the hill where these elusive creatures were rumored to reside. Passing through the kitchen where preparations for the evening feast were underway, we embarked on a somewhat steep ascent, rewarded with a breathtaking view, though the elusive iguanas remained hidden. Descending the same path, after capturing a few photographs and waiting to be picked up, one of the iguanas finally made an appearance.

Returning to the boat, we prepared for the evening’s dinner. Landing ashore again, the laid-back atmosphere was great and the lobster much better prepared this time, accompanied by a lush green salad, grilled vegetables, and a perfectly baked potato.

The evening sparkled with laughter, music, and the clinking of glasses as we reveled in the joyous ambiance of Tobago Cays, savoring not just the delectable feast but the shared moments that added a special flavor to our Caribbean sailing escapade. 🏝️⛵🦎 #TobagoCaysFeast #CaribbeanSailingMagic