The pasta hunt

Today we’ve decided on a powerwalk on the beach and maybe a visit to the hotel gym. So, after breakfast we changed into appropriate clothing and made our way from the hotel garden which brings you straight onto Grand Anse beach. In the distance we could see that two Cruise ships had docked in the harbor and our beach was quickly filling with sunbathers from these ships. Our powerwalk took a hot 30 minutes after which we went straight to the gym. Its amazing how unfit we have both become, and we are both in agreement that for the rest of our stay here we need to make the most of the beach and gym.

After a nice shower we decided to visit the local supermarket across the street from our hotel and buy drinking water and maybe a snack or two.

After a few hours beside the pool, we decided on finding somewhere to have a late lunch. Håkan had been wishing for pasta so we were hoping to find a restaurant with pasta dishes but that wasn’t so easy. We ended up walking all the way to Spiceland Shopping Mall in search of a pasta restaurant or restaurant with pasta dishes. We finally gave up and went to a restaurant along the beach which had been recommended to us by a taxi driver a few days earlier. Umbrellas Beach Bar was very busy and we were lucky to find a table. The two pasta dishes on the Meny were Alfredo Pasta and Chicken Parmesan, which are the two same pasta dishes served by our hotel so we decided on trying something else from their Main Platter Meny, Håkan took the Steak and i the Grilled Shrimp.

The food was tasty but my food unfortunately was cold, it took such a long time for us to get our meals so i decided against sending it back. After our meal we made our way back to our hotel along the beach. 🥩🍽🧃