Oh what a night

The night unfurled a symphony of contrasting winds — fierce gusts alternating with eerie calm. Anchored in Chatham Bay, the capricious gusts played havoc with anchor chains, disrupting any hope of serene slumber. As the tempestuous gusts waned, rolling swells took their place, providing a restless backdrop to the night. Sleep eluded us in this maritime dance. Following a robust breakfast, laden with bacon, sausage, eggs, yogurt, granola, and coffee, we set sail for Tyrall Bay. The journey unfolded with ease, wind at our backs and a tranquil sea. Packing up, sharing a final meal with Cindy and Derek, we bid farewell before embarking on the dinghy ride to the ferry bound for Grenada.

The ferry voyage was smooth, and a taxi whisked us to the Radisson. Promising comfort, the hotel welcomed us with a well-appointed room, granting respite as we surrendered to a night of undisturbed sleep. 🌬️🚤🌴 #ChallengingNights #IslandTransitions