Un poco más

We eventually secured a delightful room with a sea view, providing a tranquil retreat within the resort. Our days were predominantly spent by the pool, with occasional trips to Foodland for refreshments, even though the hotel generously provided water bottles daily, and the tap water proved safe to drink.

Evenings brought us to the hotel’s restaurant, where Theresa indulged in the buffet, while I opted for pasta bolognese.

The ensuing days unfolded in a delightful routine, oscillating between the beach, the inviting pool, and the comfort of our room.

The air conditioning offered a welcome respite when seeking relief from the midday heat, though the coastal breezes were equally enchanting.

Our attempt to dine at Antonio’s on Friday for a pasta fix was thwarted by fully booked reservations for both Friday and Saturday. Trying the hotel’s restaurant proved challenging with a 90-minute wait to order from the menu. Consequently, we opted for Rick’s Cafe, savoring pizza and burgers.

Little did we know that Theresa would succumb to a severe bout of stomach flu, rendering her incapacitated on Saturday.Despite this setback, Saturday evening brought a silver lining with the hotel’s grill buffet, emerging as the culinary highlight of our journey thus far. The varied and delectable offerings showcased the diverse flavors of Grenada, adding a savory note to our tropical retreat. 🌴🍝🍔 #IslandCuisine #ResortRelaxation