Tyrall bay

The night brought restless slumber, and sleep eluded us. Casting off at 5 AM, we motored along the darkened west coast. As the sun painted the sky at 6:30, the wind danced in, and we took turns steering towards Tyrall Bay. For breakfast, Alex crafted sandwiches with eggs, sausage, and bacon. I mangage too caught a tuna which we will be having for lunch tomorrow.

Tacking against the northwest wind, we found a serene anchorage close to the shore, dropping anchor at 11 AM. Lunch featured cottage pie and salad. After a brief respite and a refreshing swim, we ventured ashore, finding little to explore. Later, at the Slippway, sipping on a coffee and a potent rum punch (prompting Theresa to request juice), we relished tuna with potatoes and bread.

Dinghy rides in the dark led us back to the boat, where we drifted into slumber amid Saturday night’s lively echoes from the shore. 🌙⚓🍹 #SailingNights #TropicalAdventure #TyrallBay #Carriacou