If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall

So it would not play any role at all. Not today and not tomorrow. Not at all. When you get to experience something like what we are experiencing now affected it and can feel a completely immersive humility. We have to seize the moment, to live in the moment and to love life and each other. Almost amazed how friendly the people are here. And it must be something in the air you breathe or the water or anything, for that infects so everyone is friendly here and it is just so. All at the carebbean pace …. Why can’t it be like this everywhere?

DSC_3755 (2)

DSC_3918 (2)

Today the weather was a little bit stormy and we did have quite a bit of rain. But it didn’t matter to us because we just simple relax up at the French House and waiting for the evening to came.

Sugar Reef would be celebrating its third anniversary so there’sa party with buffet and live music. The food that was served was as usual delicious, and the band that played was amazing. And the view … 10 meters from the sea and the fabulously beautiful beach house with its very tasteful decoration.

DSC_3922 (2)

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We have really enjoy our stay here at Sugar reef.  As usual, we will miss the place and all the nice people we met and not least the nice staff with Nicolle in the forefront.

Tomorrow is travelday… heading for Union Island. ..

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