Beacon of challenge

On the seventh and final day of the Day Skipper course, Alex, true to his routine, prepared a delicious breakfast. The day’s agenda involved practicing berthing in different wind directions and honing our skills in picking up a buoy under sail as we ventured out of the harbor. A delightful lunch awaited us, with Susanne crafting a savory beef stew paired with rice and salad – a culinary treat to conclude the sailing lessons.Post-lunch, we embarked on the task of tidying up the boat, gathering our belongings, and, most significantly, receiving our Day Skipper certificates. It was a bittersweet farewell to Alex, Ruben, and Charlotte, who had become integral parts of our sailing journey. As we exchanged goodbyes, gratitude filled the air for the incredible experiences and knowledge shared during the week.

Heading to the restaurant, Theresa and I reflected on the intense but immensely rewarding week. The learning curve had been steep, absorbing a wealth of information about navigation, boat handling, and seamanship. Utter exhaustion had set in, but the sense of accomplishment and newfound skills were well worth it.

The week had been a profound journey, a blend of adventure and education. The camaraderie formed with Charlotte and Ruben added an extra layer of joy, making the experience richer.

As we concluded the day, we acknowledged the need to process and digest the abundance of information before fully comprehending the intricacies of our sailing education. This Day Skipper course had been a beacon of both challenge and triumph, leaving us with a sense of accomplishment, a collection of certificates, and memories to last a lifetime. 🌊⛵📜 #DaySkipperCompletion #SailingAchievement