We saw the writing on the wall as we felt this magical fantasy

Another travelling day. Another fantasy. Or is it real?

20160110_181521 (2)

Got up early with a little help from our friend the rooster. Everything was already packed so we just grabbed a cup of coffee on our way to the airport. After a breakfast we lifted from the soil of Barbados 8.45.

20160111_072705 (2)

Then we had a stopover on Antigua and we soon realized that we had to once again go through the whole procedure again, the one we went trough on our way to Grenada wich means:

…getting off of the plane, go to the transferdesk to get a new boardingcard, go through security control even though we hadn’t passed outside any customs lines, had to empty all our pockets and take off our shoes and hat and once again had to be scanned all over our bodies despite the fact that we recently got off an aircraft, then checking in again by showing our passports and bordingcards and ESTAs several times on our way…AND all this just to end up entering the very same aircraft we had come in on and the very same seats we had before we got off… It was soooo ridiculous. It seems that the only reasons for doing this is to get some better unemployments rates.

20160111_123018 (2)

When we arrived at the hotel Intercontinental, the staffs courtesy was boundless. They opened doors, transported our luggage to our room and every single member of the staff greeted us and wish us a great visit and ”have a great day”. After that we went across the street to Burger King for a meal.

And what a room! What a fantastic pool area and the hotel sits right on the beach. We were upgraded once again to clublevel (we have collected ”bonuspoints” via Hotel.com) this meant direct access to the pool through our porch and free ”coctailhour” 🍸 where we could get drinks, wines and a whole collection of snacks.

Couldn’t be a more perfect last night on this magical fantasy journey.

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