Santa looking for a wife or Its their wedding day.

As we ate our breakfast, we noticed the hotel staff setting up amazing decorations in the wedding gazebo. I said to Håkan, wouldn’t it be wonderful if it’s a local wedding. After breakfast we changed and went for a walk to find fresh milk and water. The first grocery store had absolutely no milk, all sold out, so we took a longer walk to the Spiceworld mall. The Christmas queues were like any grocery store would be at this time of year….long and slow. As we stood in the queue i had to smile as i recognized the loud song playing in the store…Santa looking for a wife. 

Its played at the highest volume, everywhere you go and in every taxi and bus on the island. It’s the type of melody the really gets stuck in your head.

We walked back to the hotel and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon on the beach. 

At this stage we are so sunburned, dark brown and poor Håkan is a red brown color.  We both have rashes from too much sun. We tried taking a Christmas shot for our Christmas photo but somehow the scene on the beach kept getting interrupted by the many sunbathers or the shot just not working out so we finally gave up and went to look for something to eat.

On our way back from the beach we noticed the wedding guests were now seated so we decided to take a Pina Colado at the poolbar just behind the wedding gazebo in the hope of witnessing a local wedding. We didn’t go too close out of respect, what we did see was a beautiful procession consisting of a little mini Bride, which i think was the flower girl followed by 8 Bridesmaids and Bestman and then finally the Bride. We sat enjoying our delicious Pina Colados, Håkans obviously being a virgin Pina Colado. As the sun set we returned our pool towels and retired to our hotel room with the famous Santa looking for a wife still playing in our heads.