As time goes by

As the days unfolded, our routine settled into a tranquil rhythm. Fridays and Saturdays saw us leisurely walking to Prickly Bay Marina, where we enjoyed meals accompanied by refreshing mocktails and cocktails. Sunday’s highlight was a late lunch at the university, followed by indulging in their substantial and delectable breakfast on Monday. However, our anticipation grew as Tuesday approached, signaling our departure from the Airbnb and a return to the comforts of Radisson.

The Airbnb experience fell short of expectations, prompting our eagerness to relocate. Despite the minor bumps, the serene walks, culinary delights, and the prospect of returning to Radisson added a sense of familiarity and comfort to our Grenadian sojourn. 🏨🚶‍♂️🌴 #IslandRoutine #RadissonReturn